History of the business and technology drivers that led to cloud computing

History of the business and technology

In history of IT business models we can see that from the beginning some useful solutions have been developed, we started from central systems, in the beginning of electronically data processing. Then we moved to client-server paradigm, which was useful for decentralization of processing, but have some week points which were present where client was disconnected form the server. Next big move of It infrastructure development was big boom of Internet in 90’s, when access to data and systems was realized over WWW as much as possible. Now we are facing problems with financials aspect of processing and more and more systems and data are moved to the cloud.
Companies today deal with a high degree of uncertainty, expanded regulation, rapid technology innovation, shorter product cycles, and global competition. To remain competitive, businesses must drive more value from assets, improve decision making under volatile conditions, and increase agility to react rapidly to changes and to reconfigure their business. These demands have forced enterprises to find new approaches to help maximize profitability and returns. Cloud computing can provide an enterprise with a way to manage costs and streamline operations with increased flexibility.
Way to realize this cloud computing paradigm is to consolidate server and systems, then to virtualize them in a standard way, and very important feature of cloud computation which opens self-service possibility for users is automation of the environment.

When IT was born...

Fig. x.x. - IT history
History of IT systems started in 50’s of XX century. We may noticed that right now we are in era of mobile technologies and systems focused at collaboration. An answer for that needs are cloud computing systems. Some roots of cloud computing could be found in 70’s or even earlier.