XaaS in Cloud Computing

 General description

Cloud Computing is an example for the X-as-a-Service delivery model. It is said that cloud computing is improving business agility because of the ability to rapidly and inexpensively provision technological infrastructure resources on a pay-per-use basis. So customers are urged not to buy and own hardware and software for themselves but instead they should make use of cloud computing services that are offered by the cloud computing providers.
In essence, this delivery model defies the need of physical ownership of hardware and software. What is the point of owning hardware and software? The only thing you want to do with it is using it at the time you need it. So it looks like that physical ownership is based on the need to have control on the availability of the functions offered by the software and hardware. The cloud computing proposition of on-demand delivery on a pay-per-use basis more or less removes the necessity to possess hardware and software.
AaaS Architecture as a Service
BaaS Business as a Service
CaaS Computing as a Service
DaaS Data as a Service
DBaaS Database as a Service
EaaS Ethernet as a Service
FaaS Frameworks as a Service
GaaS Globalization / Governance as a Service
HaaS Hardware as a Service
IMaaS Informaton as a Service
IaaS Infrastructure as a Service
IDaaS Identity as a Service
LaaS Lending as a Service
MaaS Mashups as a Service
OaaS Organization as a Service
PaaS Platform as a Service
SaaS Software as a Service
TaaS Technology as a Service
VaaS Voice as a Service
Table 3.1/1: Everything as a services