Cloud in telecommunication


Telecommunication cloud is a set of disciplines, technologies, and business models used to deliver telecommunication companies capabilities (software, platforms, and infrastructure) as on-demand scalable resource pool for telecommunication purposes.


Telecommunication Industry is one of the fastest growing in the world. Every year new innovative products and services are introduced. Cloud solutions is a new way to deliver telecommunication services that are driven by consumer Internet trends and growing smartphones market what results in high mobile broadband demand.

Main benefits

Cloud based solutions give telecommunication vendors many benefits, which are not achievable with standard approach. Here is a list of main benefits:

  • Operations automation
  • Unlimited scalability and elasticity
  • Hardware simplifications and efficient utilization
  • Fast service introduction
  • Fast reactions on failures

The most important thing is that cloud based telecommunication infrastructure significantly reduce time needed for deploying new features. Basically every new network element deployment, new features and services introduction and fault detection are handled in automatically way, thanks to cloud.

Components of Telecommunication Cloud

Telecommunication cloud is based on three concepts:

  • Virtualization and Cloud Computing
  • Network Function Virtualization – NFV
  • Software Defined Networking – SDN

Virtualization and Cloud Computing

Base of telecommunication cloud is the same as IT Cloud. It uses virtualization and standardized hardware instead of dedicated ones. That results in hardware decoupling from applications.