Top workloads

A survey was carried out to identify whether customers would prefer their workload be delivered internal with a private cloud, or would they be willing have it run in a fully shared environment on a public cloud. This chart gives us then the top 10 workloads for each of those delivery types.
Top private workloads
  • Data mining, text mining or other analytics
  • Security
  • Data warehouses or data marts
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Test environment infrastructure
  • Long-term data archiving/preservation
  • Transactional databases
  • Industry-specific applications
  • ERP applications
Top public workloads
  • Audio/video/Web conferencing
  • Service help desk
  • Infrastructure for training and demonstration
  • WAN capacity, VOIP infrastructure
  • Desktop
  • Test environment infrastructure
  • Storage
  • Data center network capacity
  • Server
Infrastructure workloads emerge as most appropriate
The only workload that spans both lists is a test environment infrastructure for applications.
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